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Thank you for visiting Work Wherever Consulting!  I'm Betty Jo Wood , founder of this company, and I'm excited to share with you the many opportunities there are to find REAL, LEGITIMATE employment that allows you flexibility in where and when you want to work!
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Here's how it all started...about 20 years ago, my husband and I decided to move back to our hometown, a VERY small town in Northwest Montana (when I say small town I mean it- We don't even have a Walmart... or a Starbucks!) My husband is a school administrator, so the job market for him was decent- our town IS large enough for schools!- but the employment options for me, were pretty slim pickin's. I have a degree in Special Education, but teaching was not my thing, and my job experience was primarily in the non-profit arena.  I was lucky enough to find part-time work at a wonderful organization as a grant writer/program director, but knew I needed more to not only get ahead financially but also in my professional goals. 


Filling in the Gaps

I started researching options to work from home, and realized the opportunities are nearly endless... but it takes SO MUCH TIME sifting through the scams (which unfortunately as I can attest, can be easy to fall for if you don't know how to spot them), and finding the jobs that are the real deal.  At this same time, I became involved with various economic development projects in our area, and realized even more, that there is a HUGE need to connect people with telecommute job options. 


Sure enough, my efforts paid off, and I landed a great remote job, as a Recruiter in the senior living industry (which I LOVE!). Not only has this career given me freedom to work from home around my busy schedule, it has allowed me an even better understanding and knowledge about the in's and out's of  what employers are looking for in their new hires, best practices for getting that position you want, how to prepare for an interview, and resume writing.


So, with that, was born.  I personally have landed several REAL PAYING jobs(as well as several interviews), with real companies, using many of the sites on this website.  I hope that by sharing this information, many more people are able to become employed (even if, like me, they live in a small town with a very high unemployment rate), make some extra cash to help tie up loose ends or gain flexibility and freedom in their work environment.  Whatever your reason, this website gives you the tools to WORK WHEREVER!


Thanks for visiting!


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