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Job search coaching may be right for you if you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Have you been searching for a remote position with no success?

  • Do you need to develop job search techniques that work in the work from home job market?

  • Would you like a promotion, or a position with another company?

  • Do you live in an area where working remotely is appealing? (Commuting nightmare, very rural area with lack of employment, etc.)

  • Does your current life situation require more flexibility in your work schedule?

  • Are you looking for an opportunity to change industries or careers?

Job Search Coaching Process with Work Wherever Consulting


Job search coaching with Work Wherever Consulting is a collaborative process between you, the candidate, and your coach, that starts with the development of a plan to identify and market your strengths. This plan ensures that the time you spend looking for a job is time well spent.  In addition to helping you target your search, your coach will help you stay focused and organized; two key components of a successful job search.

During Career and Job Search coaching, we help you:

  • Evaluate your strengths and values.

  • Identify careers / jobs that might be a good “fit” for you

  • Research and identify jobs that are designated virtual positions or have a high likelihood to be worked remotely, which match your background

  • Review and update career marketing documents (resume, cover letter, thank you letters.)

  • Sharpen your interview and negotiation skills

  • Create a plan of attack – how to market yourself

  • Set mini goals and timelines on how to achieve the bigger goal or vision

Job Search Coaching Packages and Pricing

Email to schedule your personalized job search strategy session! The following session options are listed below:

Option 1:  10-minute consultation

                   Price: FREE

Is job search coaching for you? Consider a FREE phone consultation session, where we will discuss your needs and goals to determine the best course of action to help you land your work from home position.


Option 2: 30- minute Video Consultation

                   Price: $50.00

Prior to this half hour session, you will be sent “pre-homework” (don’t worry- it’s fun and won’t take long!) to assess your skills and interests.  We will then discuss the outcomes and create a job search strategy plan to help determine the best direction for you to go when deciding what virtual jobs are the best fit for you. 

Option 3: Complete Job Search Package (BEST VALUE!!)

                    Price: $329.00

Are you ready to take the next step to find your perfect work from home career? Then this complete job search package is for you! You will receive:

  • Pre-homework and 30-minute video consultation

  • Personalized job interests profile

  • Identification of a minimum of FIVE potential job leads

  • Application assistance

  • Interview preparation

  • Linkedin profile review and revisions- 1 round of edits

  • Resume review and revisions- 1 round of edits


Option 4: Job Lead Generation

                     Price: $75.00/hr (minimum 2 hours)

Based on your initial assessment, I will conduct a comprehensive job search and provide you with all appropriate job leads.  If you have a good idea of what types of jobs you are best suited for and would like to do, are comfortable with the application process, and feel well prepared for interviewing, but just want me to find you opportunities, this is a great option.



Option 5:  Application and interview prep

                     Price: $70/hr. (minimum 1 hour)

Found the job but just not sure of next steps?  Via video or phone consultation, I will walk you through the application process, and help you prepare for an interview.

Option 6: "R &R"- Resume review and revisions OR Linkedin review and revisions

                     Price: $50 for one R & R service;

                             $90 for both resume and Linkedin  R & R

Sometimes it's nice to have "another set of eyes" take a look at your resume or Linkedin profile.  With this option, you will receive a 30-minute consultation along with 1 round of edits to your resume or LI profile.

Option 7: Ultimate Work from Home Resource Guide

                    Price:  $29.95  ON SALE for limited time- $19.95!

If you enjoy the search and have the time, this handy dandy guide is what you need!  Google "Work from home jobs"… you will get well over 5 BILLION results! Overwhelming? Yes... But here at Work Wherever Consulting, I’ve spent over 20 years researching, filtering, and finding the best options for helping you to find real at-home (also known as telecommuting or virtual) jobs.

 The Ultimate Work from Home Resource Guide is a listing of some of the best telecommuting job boards and companies that hire virtual workers that I have found.  I personally have used and/or reviewed these sites, and have not only had many interviews, but have landed several REAL at-home jobs over the years, finding employment from postings listed on these websites.  All of these sites are legitimate, and post telecommute jobs of all kinds- from entry level to professional.  Some of the job boards require a small membership fee, which you can easily opt out of any time.  While you should NEVER pay money for a job that requires payment to get hired, it is not a scam and very much worth it to pay for membership to the job sites listed. This guide will help you on your way to finding the perfect remote job!

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